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Sensus Regulator 461-X57 : 2″

Sensus Regulator  461-X57 : 2″

Available Sizes
2" Only

The 461-X57 is something unique in a high pressure regulator. It features the same “Roll-Out” diaphragm principle that has achieved such remarkable success in the widely used 441-57S and 461057S Regulators.
The 461-X57 offers pilot performance with spring regulator simplicity. The “Roll-Out” diaphragm makes this outstanding performance possible by minimizing that old gremlin, “droop.”
“Droop” means rough regulation…wide fluctuation in pressure control as flow varies. It is the result of spring effect plus diaphragm effect.
The “Roll-Out” diaphragm changes this by eliminating diaphragm effect and neutralizing spring effect, thus, “droop” is reduced to insignificance. The result – smooth, constant pressure regulation. It comes amazingly close to the control performance of the pilot operated regulator.