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Sensus Regulator 122-12 : 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″

Sensus Regulator  122-12 : 1-1/2″, 2″, 2-1/2″

Available Sizes
1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2"

For an unbeatable combination of capacity, performance and economy, install the Sensus Metering Systems Model 122...the latest in industrial-combustion type gas pressure regulators.

Streamline body passages provide large capacity.
Carefully engineered internal sensing produces accurate pressure control without an external control line. And, just in case a particular application necessitates one, a handy tap on the 122 makes connection into an external control line a simple matter.

Diaphragm cases are high strength, corrosion resistant die-cast aluminum alloy. This makes a better looking regulator at a better price. In addition, on 1" through 2 1/2" sizes a large area double acting damper in the vent assures fast speed of response while maintaining stability...just the thing for those troublesome "snap-acting" loads.
Soft seats plus a precision machined "knife-edge" orifice provide positive tight shutoff. And the orifice is removable.

Periodic Inspection:
Regulators are pressure control devices with numerous moving parts subject to wear that is dependent upon particular operating conditions. To assure continuous satisfactory operation, a periodic inspection schedule must be adhered to with the frequency of inspection determined by the severity of service and applicable laws and regulations.