8C175 CTR : Series A

8C175 CTR : Series A

Available Models:
8C175 CTR

• Lightweight Aluminum
• Rugged Hard Coated Cylinder,
Headplates and Impellers
• Compact Size
• Multi-position Mounting
• 175 PSIG (1200kPa) Working Pressure
• Low Maintenance
• Long Service-life
• Simple Installation: 1-1/2” NPT
Male Connections
• Available in English and Metric

Model 8C175 ROOTS Meter
The 8C175 CTR ROOTS Meter is the smallest, lightest and most versatile rotary gas meterever produced. Permanent accuracy, rugged construction, wide rangeability and
simple field testing add up to the best investment in gas measurement equipment your
company can make.

All units are subjected to rigorous hydrostatic, leak, starting and running differential tests.
Accuracy and differential data are furnished for 100% and 10% of rated capacity from
positive displacement bell provers